Toddler Program

18 months - 3 years


Give your child a bright start with the toddler program at our daycare center. In our toddler classroom, we provide care for toddlers from 18 months to 3 years. Our group size is approximately 12 toddlers with 2 caregivers, allowing ample one-on-one time with each child. The toddler program promotes growth and development by providing opportunities to help gain independence.


Daily Routines


In the toddler room, we sit down together with all children for mealtime at breakfast, lunch, and PM snack and we provide sipper cups for milk and juice beverages. After lunch, toddlers are situated for naptime on individual cots, and confronted by their blankets or special belongings brought from home. We also begin the potty-training process when underwear or pull-ups are brought in and a schedule is planned.


Preparing for Preschool


At Wonder Years Child Care, our toddlers gain independence by participating in a variety of age-appropriate activities. We enjoy group activities in music, story time, finger plays, educational games, and arts & crafts. Weather permitting, we also play outside every day.